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A Few Photos from Guatemala

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Another 200+ Year Old Ruin in Antigua de Guatemala

Twin (Volcanic) Peaks ~ Approach to Antigua

Another Smoker (note volcanic boulders in foreground)

Several of you have asked about the XTerra.  It has been absolutely perfect thus far.  I wouldn’t recommend taking this trip in a smaller vehicle.  It’s got more than enough muscle to handle the requisite passing on mountain roads, and isn’t the least bit uncomfortable on bad roads (as the smaller rental SUV’s were in CR).  I suppose a bigger SUV would be useful….more room to pack junk!  As you can see, the Gator chairs are on the roof….did I mention we bought a double hammock?….all ready for that beach!

Gas stations are plentiful here, and gas is (oddly) sold by the gallon.  The price varies, between $28.5 to $30.25 quetzies…..between $3.85 and $4.00 USD a gallon.  Although Guatemala does have petroleum reserves, apparently the industry has not yet been developed.  Hence the plethora of squirrel powered vehicles.  We saw many young families (mom, dad & two little kids) riding one minibike.  Scary.

XTerra in Guatemala

And finally…..just to make you laugh….

They're Everywhere!!!

Okay….time to get a move on.  We’re going to pack up, have breakfast, and backtrack about a half a mile to get some photos of the Basillica here.  If you read the wiki link from yesterday, it is famous for it’s statue of the Cristo Negro.  Then….we’re off to Honduras!  Hope to “see” you before we reach Junquilal…we’ve been pleasantly surprised w/finding internet availability.  Ciao, baby.

~ Blonde Gator

Greetings from Antigua de Guatemala

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

What a lovely little town.  Originally founded in the 1500’s the town was demolished in an earthquake in the 1770’s….there are still many ruins here, which are slowly being restored.

Here’s where we are today….at a nice coffee shop on the main square in town.  It is quite beautiful, as the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom.  Purple flags are up everywhere for Easter week….lavender and yellow seem to be the colors de jour.

Plaza Centro de Antigua de Guatemala

Antigua de Guatemala

We’ll stay here until tomorrow….as the Procession for the Easter Holiday begins Thursday.  Yesterday we also wandered around the town, and there was a street fair….the street foods smelled delicious.  The textiles here are quite interesting.  I’m going to buy some of the native weavings to make some pillows with when we get home….the weavings here are colorful and quite beautiful.

Street Fair


There are people selling local food, and textiles everywhere.  The town is filling up fast for the Easter weekend.

There are many ruins here….this is just one of many, it is beautiful.


Detail of Ruin

Okay…that’s it for now….we’re about coffee’d out (I bought some local coffee and chocolate yesterday….so I can try my hand at mole once we get to Costa Rica).  We’ll be on the road again tomorrow, I have no idea whether we’ll be able to find wi-fi in Honduras and Nicaragua, so it may be a few more days until you hear from us.  We plan to be at our destination in Junquilal on April 5th.

Until then, start thinking about making this trip some day.  It is truly an amazing adventure.  We’ve met lots of people from all over the world, just this a.m. a couple of Brits & Kiwis.  Cheers!

~ Blonde Gator