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Blonde Mom is Doing Better…and Other Stuff

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Mom’s in a rehab facility, and sees the ortho on Thursday.  She’s able to get up and around, with help, the fractured pelvis is painful.  We’re hoping she’ll be able to come home in a week or so.   As always, her attitude is great and we spend more time laughing than reasonable people should, so I’m optomistic.

We had our primaries in Florida today…looks like Marco & Allen are on their way!   Happiness.  Interestingly, the lady at the polls said there “were alot of angry voters”.  Hmmmm. 

I have yet to start sorting out all of my photos (argh!) and have had to restore my computer (yet again) and have lost my video conversion software.  The HD video camera uses an MTS format, which is not compatible with anything at all….so…must upload and then reformat.  I have high hopes for continuing my blog about our trip…just have to put my nose to the grind stone and do it.  I’m going to replace my Panasonic camera next month…yay!

I’ve already cooked a pork butt since we’ve returned.  In Houston, I spent some time w/Iguana Man’s daughter, teaching her some of my cooking tricks.  (And hitting Wally World for pots & pans, bowls, a cutting board, food processor, and other sundry cooking stuff).  We had a blast!  So now she has pot roast and pulled pork in her repetoire.  It’s a little frustrating sharing cooking long distance, but I have an idea for Food Network!  I’ve more or less caught up on Bravo’s Top Chef (although I almost puked when Nanny Pelosi showed up). 

I also stocked up on dried peppers in Houston, anchos, New Mexico Reds, chipotles, and some spicy little red ones.  I still have my Guatemalan chocolate…so perhaps I shall give mole a try one of these days.  I’ve upped the “hot meter” during my time in Central America, and am removing fewer and fewer pepper seeds as I cook.  Some like it hot….I’m liking it hotter.  🙂

Life is good.

~ Blonde Gator

We’re Home!!!

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

And let me tell you….the bed feels GREAT!

Bad news, tho….Blonde Mom went 4 a.m. wandering while we were between Houston and Florida, and managed to clip a chair and wipe out spectacularly.  She has a hairline fracture of the pelvis (think really bad words, now)….but fortunately no surgery will be necessary.  We bought the medical alert service for her before we left…which worked perfectly.  Any of you, who have elderly parents….DO IT!

Mom will be fine….but I really didn’t expect to get home and not have her here.  Arghhh!

Anyhoo…I have lots of stuff to catch ya’ll up on.  But I’m just kind of woofed after a couple of really LONG road days.  (Hint, we visited a pal on an Oil Clean Up rig in the Gulf….very cool stuff!).

Just wanted to apologize for goofing off so badly…and to say…STAY TUNED!!!

And for you stupid, bloody, ignorant SPAMMERS who keep bothering me….GO AWAY!  I’m not going to approve your idiot comments, no matter how “sweet” you try to be.  This is my blog, for my friends and family…..go shag your Viagra and all of that other stuff ELSEWHERE!

~ Blonde Gator