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World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Ah yes….here we are, once again, on the eve of the WLOC.  As a reminder….latest count is 18 – 3, Good Guys, since 1990.  They can spew their idiotic “jorts” comments and whatnot….BUTT!

With no further ado….here is my prediction for the game:

And just in case anyone needs a reason….here’s a lovely bit of history.  And of course, a modicum of motivation from last year’s game (does anyone disagree with me that Todd Grantham is the biggest dick in college football?):

Keepin' it Classy, Georgia!

GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Blonde Gator


Fall is Here, Finally

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

And thankfully, Hurricane Rina looks like it’s going to circle into oblivion soon.

A couple of years ago, shortly after the last late-year storm, Hurricane Wilma, I purchased a bunch of tiny seedlings from an orchid grower who was relocating to Hawaii….and finally, after waiting and waiting, two of them have bloomed for the first time (a sure sign that fall is here, the Cattleya’s begin to bloom (the lavender ones in case you are wondering):

C. Hawaiin Wedding

Cattelyatonia Jamaica Red

Cattleya ~ Unknown (Lost Tag)

c. Mossiae

In another three weeks or so, my monster C. Pliades will bloom, it looks like it is going to have at least 8 bloom spikes this year.  It’s also time to repot it (ug!).  I’ve decided that instead of dividing it (see the photo on my orchid page of the whole big plant), I’m going to put in a “regular” pot, as it’s now in the biggest clay orchid pot available.   So I’ll pot it up in straight charcoal (something I’ve done with this plant since I bought it 25 years ago), and put it in a really huge pot.  This will, no doubt, be an all day chore.  And once it’s in its new home, it’s not going to move, for a very long time (as it’s likely to weigh about 100 lbs).  But that can wait until after Thanksgiving….and as it IS THE Thanksgiving Orchid….it is telling me (not pushing buds yet) that we are going to have a very normal winter, temperature-wise.  Unlike last winter, when it bloomed early, and we froze our buns!  Great news, huh?

~ Blonde Gator

Never Doubt The Tebow!

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Yesterday’s Dolphins/Denver game should help to shut up the haters (well, maybe a little bit).  I read somewhere that since the NFL & AFL merged in 1970, no other team had ever made a comback from 15 points down with only three minutes left.  Yet, THE TEBOW had his teammates fired up, there is no quit in a Tebow-led team.  Score one for the good guys.  Here’s a great account of the game, with some really cool quotes by both Timmy and his Denver teammates.

Tim Tebow

Tim & Urbs

I Miss U(rban)

Bonus ~ Tebow on the Elway Show

~ Blonde Gator

Does Anyone Know…..

Friday, October 14th, 2011

….who the Webmaster is at the Drudge Report?  Because I am gobsmacked by the irony of the page layout tonight.  At 1:00 a.m.:

Things That Make Me Go "Hmmmm"

Am I the only one who finds this to be absolutely hilarious?

~ Blonde Gator

The Obama Plan for Job Creation

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Here are the Wishes, Where are the Unicorns? ~ h/t Bob Keyser

My good friend, and photoshopper extraordinaire, Bob Keyser, shared this link with me.  It seems Team Obama’s “idea bank” for grandiose themes has gone bankrupt, just like everything else President Downgrade has touched.

Soooo…..if you are sick and tired of spying on your friends and neighbors, and reporting them to Obama’s AttackWatch, you can channel your energies elsewhere.  Specifically, to Obama’s plea for assistance in designing a poster to support The Won’s Job Plan *cough* (Stimulus/Democrat Slush Fund V.3.0).

You’d think for your winning artistic endeavor, you might be rewarded with a trip, accompanying Moochelle to, oh say, Africa, Hawaii, or at the very least, Martha’s Vineyard, or even get to tag along on Date Night.  But NOOOO!  For your effort, you and two other fortunate individuals will receive a copy of your very own artwork, John Hancocked by Barack Hussein Obama himself!!!  Then, of course, they will shill your work, for profit, to support The Won’s reelection bid.

How’s THAT for a jobs plan?   You work for free, he gets the stash.  It’s all about redistribution of the wealth, of course.  From you, to The Won.

~ Blonde Gator

A Unifying Theme

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


I have to laugh at this whole “Occupy” protest….particularly when a journalist manages to ask those who are protesting, “Why?”.   The answers to that question are startlingly disjointed (and stoopid).  There was no clear cut consensus…until now:

Creed of "We the Sheeple of the United States"

Thanks to MOTUS (see more of the whiny brats’ juvenile screeds, at her site) and of course to Bob Keyser, for the beautiful “picture’s worth a thousand words”, spot-on POINT.

~ Blonde Gator

Update:  The media is doing its typical hype for all things liberal and stoopid….overstating the case.  The game-changing Occupy protest has spread to 1,000 countries!!!!  Who knew?

Update 2:  MOTUS’ original blog got picked up by the U.K. Daily Mail.  Now you will be able to say you knew BK way back when.  And remember, you met him here first!

Greetings from North Carolina

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

We’ve been enjoying the most fabulous hospitality and PERFECT Chamber of Commerce weather here in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  40’s at night, upper 70’s during the day, and not a cloud in the sky.  I took these today around the homestead.

Back of the Cabin

Fall is Falling

Different Leaves

Blue Skies, No Clouds

We’re all ready for the Gator game tomorrow, the chili is made, Blonde Mom is here (we picked her up this a.m. from her visit with her brother), and the Gator gear is ready.

Road tripping on home Sunday morning, hope to avoid this tropical mess that’s currently brewing in South Florida.

~ Blonde Gator