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The Friday Night Dinner Club Jumps The Gun

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Since 2/3 of “the boys” had been out of town for about ten days, we decided we’d gone long enough without a meeting of The Club.  And while the boys were gone, Island Girl and I had watched the Rock Star Chef (Anne Burrell’s) latest episode….a tribute to Hawaiian flavors, and decided to go for it.

The Stage is Set

Inasmuch as the Island Girl is a native of the state of Hawaii, she generously contributed some of her “artifacts” for the table.  We had a blast cooking Anne Burrell’s Asian Braised Pork and Pickled Cucumber Salad….a fairly quick prep and then relaxation.  Along with the usual crew, we invited my neighbor Allen.

A great time was had by all.  Recipes and more pictures here.

Bon Appetit!

~ Blonde Gator

If You Like Expensive Gasoline (& Expensive Everything Else)

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Vote for the Green Jobs Guy.

H/T Bob Keyser

~ Blonde Gator


Saturday, March 17th, 2012

The Island Girl scored some Bette Davis movies at the Flea Market this a.m., so we decided to make a day of it.  She wanted to see how I put the cheese cake together, so that is what we did this afternoon….then we watched Deception (not one of Bette’s better movies, IMO, she was rather chubby!), with Now, Voyager co-stars Claude Rains and Paul Henreid (my favorites).

Funniest thing, though.  In the ritzy restaurant scene, the wine was served in beautiful cut crystal stemmed wine glasses…that are exactly the same as my mother was given as a wedding gift in 1943!  I stopped the DVD, walked over to the china cabinet, hauled out a glass, and handed it to the Island Girl.  We had a good giggle over that!

Oh…and here’s what’s left of our afternoon’s work….after we each had a small piece, and I sent her home with a big one, and the forever hungry Blonde Mom had a pass at it.  Recipe/instructions here.


Bon Appetit!

~ Blonde Gator

Silly Stuff

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Try not to laugh.

~ Blonde Gator

Friday Night Supper Club

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

After missing two weeks, our little group once again enjoyed a delicious Friday feast.  The Island Girl made Bodyguard Bob’s (retired cop) favorite, dill potato salad, and some beautiful veggie shish-kebobs of mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions, green pepper, and pineapple that were marinated in a fabulous garlicky sauce.  I made taboulleh, and caprese salad.  Island Girl and I managed to get our cherry tomatoes into three dishes last night!  Bodyguard provided a couple of lovely bottles of wine, one from Lakeridge Vineyard, which is on the way to his place in North Florida.  The piece-de-resistance was the steak….two 3″ thick prime rib-eyes.  I was a bit nervous, as I’d never grilled steak that thick before, but w/the assistance of the Alton Brown-suggested temperature probe, it came out perfectly.

Miniature Caprese Salad

Bon Appetit!

~ Blonde Gator

God Speed, Andrew Breitbart

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

A sad day indeed.  We lost a great man, the conservative warrior bard today.

~ Blonde Gator

P.S.  A lovely tribute from one of his friends:  Breitbart’s Last Laugh

P.S.S.  This is kind of cool, too…..Andrew’s long lost great grandfather.

A Labor of Love

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Forgive me for going insane….but GAHHHHH!

The Iguana Man, for some unknown reason, decided it would be a positive and profitable exercise for me to reorganize my library in storage.  Thus far, twenty five HUGE boxes (I don’t have to lift them…so what do I care?) have been removed from storage, and unpacked.  The entire front half of my living room, approximately 200 square feet, is now consumed by PILES and PILES of books (every box, thus far, has been emptied).  Having said that….I know in my black little heart of hearts that there at least four of five missing boxes…maybe many more!

As of this very second, I have repacked five (exceedingly smaller) boxes, carefully cataloging each book on an Excel spreadsheet…author, type, series, paperback/hardcover, etc.  I am a bit of an Excel nerd, so I have actual numbers….thus far, approximately 130 books, 25 books per carton.  Which means I shall be at this exercise for at least another three weeks…..because I’m doing the easy ones first (all of the “beach type” reading)…..reference books (one of which, my 1935 Funk & Wagnall Dictionary, shall certainly take up a half a box all by itself), history books, and other truly important literature is going to be packed last.

I had no idea I was such a book junkie.  (Okay, not really…I’d rather cut my hair than let a half decent book out of my collection).  But I know, with certainty,  what has been unpacked, exactly which books I am missing!  And going through this process, I mourn the books which I know I’ve discarded over the years.  “Pitching” the excess in this little exercise, I am sure, is going to be a fight.

So for now, I soldier on….I’ve only tripped over the piles three our four times, and broken two toenails.  It would be rather interesting to find out the gross weight of this little project.  Not that I care, of course….books are books are books.  Beloved objects!


~ Blonde Gator