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34 – 21 – 2

Monday, November 26th, 2012

And the Gators took back the State Saturday.  The victory was sweet, coming as it did on Ron Zook Field in Tallahassee.  The first (of many) for Coach Boom:

Will Muschamp does the Gator Chomp at Game’s End

Matt Elam’s Snow Angel Celebration

Needless to say, the fans at Clown School were none too pleased.  And in case there are any non-Gators reading…’s why we call them Clown College:

Does she NOT have any friends?

Finally….the officiating.  “Sucked” doesn’t begin to cover it.  I can’t really think of a word that captures such a shocking display.  So, for the ACC and their notoriously inept officials…..OVERCOME ADVERSITY ON THE FIELD!

Hey ACC and Your Crooked Refs, Too!

GO GATORS!!!!!!!!

~ Blonde Gator