Thanksgiving…..Too Much Fun!

I shopped ’til I dropped today….and I’m ready.  As usual, I got a head start on the big day earlier….even though there are only three of us this year, everything must be perfect…’s just the way I rock. 

So…I started setting the table.  Here it is, as an early work in progress:

Too Cool For School...Best Buy of the Trip!

A lovely new tradition, yes?  Is that not the best tablecloth you’ve ever seen? 

Some background:

On our way home from Costa Rica, Iguana Man wanted me to see his old stomping grounds in Acapulco.  And to meet one of his very best friends….the fabulous Frankie.   Frankie is the go-to guy there, who is just amazing.  He can find it, finesse it, arrange it, all with a belly laugh and a smile.  We got to Acapulco late in the day, where Frankie had secured us lovely accomodations right off the main drag.  Once we were settled in, it was off to dinner, at a gorgeous spot right on the beach.

Ah…the beach in Mexico.  As Iguana Man taught me, before our very first trip to Costa Rica…when one is on the beach…there are “Hey-Joes”.  The Hey-Joes are locals who will try to sell you anything and everything, from cheap jewelry, semi-nice ceramics, tours to the local tourist attractions (like zip-lining, surfing, horseback riding, etc.), drugs (!), and if you care to ask…anything else one might desire.

The Hey-Joes are everywhere.  We bought a beautiful Oaxacan hammock in Puerto Escondido from a Hey-Joe….$20.  Actually, we bought two….one on the way down for us, one on the way back for a friend.  Also in PE, we were approached by a Hey-Joe selling a “pulpa”…a still moving octopod in a baggie…If I’d had a place to cook it, I’d have ponied up a few pesos.

Back to the point of this tale, however.  In Acapulco (a cosmopolitan burg that puts Miami to shame, absolute shame)….the Hey-Joes are so pervasive that the better restaurants actually fence them off from the customers.  That doesn’t stop the Hey-Joes, however.  They mass at the gates, attempting to storm them, with all of their wares and a full-throated pitch.  It’s funny and sad at the same time.

So… we were, newly arrived in Acapulco, Iguana Man and Frankie partying down at their reunion.  All of us enjoying a spectacular feast and adult beverages.  When one particularly astute Hey-Joe spotted me (perhaps the lone blonde gringa in the city?)….and for a multitude of reasons, I know not why….started hawking (I understand a bit of spanish so I knew what was happening) tablecloths in my direction.  ???

And what to my wondering eyes did appear….very first one?  A hand-made Mayan calendar cloth.  How did this Hey-Joe know my table is round?  No se!  Or that we’d had such a fabulous time exploring the mesoamerican ruins in Central America?  Again, No Se!  But I saw the goods…and wanted it!

Being a good Hey Joe…this one froze the target (moi)…unfortunately for him, though…I had Frankie as my ally.  Iguana Man and I had a blast as Frankie harrassed (hell yeah, we enjoyed the Kabuki beach theatre immensely) this particular Hey-Joe….who started with an ask price of $100….and Frankie had us in stitches as he negotiated, shook his head NO! and walked away…again and again.

I left the restaurant, happy to have made the aquaintance of one of Iguana Man’s best friends, in his old haunt…with a gorgeous remembrance of the trip of a lifetime.   What could be better?  Meet an old/new friend, enjoy some of the most delicous food ever tasted, laugh one’s ass off at something so fabulous…and walk away with a usable treasure that will always refresh those memories in a second? 

Oddly, when I hauled out this beautiful and unusual tablecloth last week (who else in the U.S. of A. has one, I must ask), in preparation for Thanksgiving, the Iguana Man had forgotten the whole silly and wonderful incident!  Must be a chick thing, LOL.

A new tradition is born!  And tomorrow, I’ll put up a picture of our newest tradition, laden with an older one (all of that delish seafood!).

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friends.  All the best to you and yours…may you have a most wonderful day, with your family and friends (and may your football team win if they’re playing!). 

~ Blonde Gator

P.S.  I can identify the Big Mayan dude, a jaguar, a crab, a rabbit, and a monkey.  Maybe a butterfly and some hungry fish?   And those are just the motifs on the solid part of the table.  You know what?  My next table is going to be round, only twice the size it is now, so I can study all of my new “tradition” in detail.


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