Happy Valentine’s Day (A Week Early)

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that we sat out on the patio in the late afternoon/early evening.  I still have up my Christmas icicle lights (I leave them up all year)….as it makes the orchid house and patio very festive.  As we were sitting there, Iguana Man pointed and said “what’s that?”. 

Well, an orchid, of course, coming into bloom.  This is the time of year when many of them “pop”…sorry for the pun.  I’d sort of forgotten about this little beauty, but there it was, just coming into its own.

SLC Tutenkahmen "Pop"

An “SLC” is a complex hybrid orchid, with a mixture of Sophronitis, Laelia, and Cattleya parents.  This plant is considered to be one of the more compact cattleyas (unlike my Thanksgiving orchid, which is almost 3′ tall)….although it’s a bit bigger than some of the other compact cats.  It’s not a big bloomer like the Cattleytonias….but I love the deep, rich red and waxy texture of the blooms.  I’ll take another picture or two when the other two buds open.

Anyhoo…..Happy Valentine’s Day!

~ Blonde Gator

<edit>  Bonus Picture….one of Blonde Mom’s favorites…a garden variety phal from Home Depot.  Great stuff!

Blonde Mom's "Polka Dot" (actually nameless)

Blonde Mom's Double Apricot Hibiscus

4 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day (A Week Early)”

  1. avatar cajun2 says:

    Cup of coffee, sit among these beautiful, what a way to start the day. Great shots Blonde.

  2. avatar motherbelt says:

    Hey, B….great flower photos!
    The white orchid looks like it has puppy pawprints!!

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      I know, I thought of that when I saw it, particularly the left petal. Looks like a little baby kitten or puppy.

      As I said, this was a Home Depot mutt (not a named plant)….so what we typically do when we get a Heinz 57 is to name it ourselves. I think we’ll call this one “Puppy Paw”.

      It’s amazing, when I first started collecting orchids in the 80’s, we had to buy them from Orchid Shows and growers, and they were all very expensive. Now anyone can have a beautiful orchid, and at less than $20 per beautiful plant, they are very affordable. I find Home Depot buys from pretty high end growers, actually.

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