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After yesterday’s killer French Onion Soup, I realized my blog has become too much food, not enough “stuff”.  So….

This is from our second trip to Costa Rica (and yes, major whining was involved):

Costa Rican Boruca Mask

I fell in love with this mask, it represents so many of the native flora and fauna of Costa Rica.  Jaguar, Monkey, Toucan, Snake, a Motmot (we loved these birds), and of course, the Shaman.  These masks are produced by the Boruca tribe, who live in southwest Costa Rica. 

The jaunty feather behind the jaguar’s right ear was given to me by my beloved neighbor, Dominic, it is a tail feather of the most lovely and amusing bird, a Squirrel Cuckoo (see prior posts).

The mask is about 16″ tall, and 6″ wide.  It is one of my treasures.  Here is a pretty cool YouTube video about Boruca masks.

Although it is an absolutely beautiful, perfect day here in lovely South Florida, I am missing Latin America.  Alot.  Must make plans to return, soon.

~ Blonde Gator

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