Spring has Sprung

How do I know this, you ask?  Well, we’re all sneezing, for one. 

For two, the orchids are throwing spikes left and right.  The dormant Bay Tree (bush, actually, I brutally whacked it back last fall as it was being eaten by scale) is starting to push some new leaves, and the Tropical Peach, which is semi-deciduous, is also budding (it has pretty pink flowers).  Here is a pathetically overgrown cattleya, I’m going to have to give in and repot it once it’s done blooming. 

c. aurantiaca ~ Pink Starry Night

Its parents are the purple cattleya bowrigiana, and the very tiny laelia milleri, which is orange and waxy and star shaped.  Hence the very odd orange-purplish color, for which I know not the name.  Anyone?

Third, I’ve had to turn on the air conditioning three days in a row.  A certain indication that the worst of winter is behind us, and in no time at all, we’ll be staring at *ack* Hurricane Season.

~ Blonde Gator

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