I am Missing Costa Rica, and Road Tripping

This coming Thursday will mark the anniversary of our departure on the grand adventure.  We drove up to Port Salerno the other day, to visit the Iguana Man’s brother and sister-in-law, and realized it was the first time since we’ve returned that we headed north on I-95.  We had a lovely lunch, and I was shocked at how much the Stuart area has grown, of course it’s been years and years, BUT!

My friend Paul, who has a beautiful second home in Pariso (little town right next to the Iguana Azul), sent me an e-mail with two articles about the rain forest creatures in Costa Rica, here, and here.  The articles included one of our favorite avian creatures, the Motmot, as well as several creatures we routinely saw in Guanacaste.  Here’s a preview from the linked article:


Oh how I wish were in the midst of “The List” again, with such grand discoveries in front of us.  Just yesterday I changed my computer wallpaper from the baby iguana to the beautiful Oaxacan valley.  But, it’s always fun thinking of the great places we’ve been, and the fabulous people we met.  They’re with us always.

~ Blonde Gator

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