Prayers for Japan

One of my internet pals, and guest blogger here, Toneyuki (he of the low cal chicken and BBQ sauce recipes), lives in Japan.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Tony, his family and friends in the aftermath of the horrific earthquake in Japan.  Tony posted on FaceBook this morning that he’s fine, which is wonderful news.  But we should all take the time to reflect on what we have and what is important.  Family, friends, health, freedom.  Those are the things that truly matter.

~ Blonde Gator

<edit>  P.S.  I got an e-mail from Toney about an hour ago.  He and his family are fine (on the opposite side of the island from the epicenter)….hope to hear from him again later this weekend.  But great news!

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  1. truely aweful… let our prayers be with the japanese people

  2. If the fuel from the fuel storage tanks, or containment pools, is exposed to air, it could degrade further and emit dangerous levels of radioactivity.

  3. avatar Review says:

    Global concerns remain focused on the crippled Fukushima number one plant, with radiation fears triggering an exodus of foreign nationals, particularly after Britain, France and others advised their citizens to leave Tokyo.

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