Why I Miss Mexico (and Why I Must Live There Someday)

We received an e-mail from our friend John, who lives in Oaxaca, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca (same state where my beloved Puerto Escondido is).  Since I don’t have too much going on right now (other than selling my t-bird, maybe I’ll put up some pics later if anyone is interested), I am stealing his e-mail word for word…and woo hoo, it came with pictures too!

It is GREAT to be home!

In Oaxaca, baseball takes a distant second place to soccer.  However, Mexican League Baseball (“MLB”) is a really good way to spend an evening for a baseball fan.  I would say that the game here is comparable to US minor league baseball.  It is wild and exciting baseball:  High scores, lots of hitting, and lots of errors.  And a LOT of fun!  Here in Oaxaca on Monday nights, 100 pesos (~8 bucks) gets you 3 of the best seats, 3 hot dogs, and 3 sodas.  Parking is behind Right Field and is free.  Compare that to $30 for the worst seats at PacBell park plus $30 to park your car 1/4 mile away.  Not to mention $7 for one churro, which is the cheapest food the Giants sell.  What a joke!  Here in Oaxaca, you get fresh tacos al pastor prepared over a charcoal fire and a comal (one order is 5 tacos) for about $1.50. 

Guerreros De Oaxaca

Last night, Luis and I went to a game with one of his amigos.  Check out the photos to see what kind of seats you get for 1/3 of $8.00!  AND…  Mexican baseball has CHEERLEADERS!  Our Oaxaca Guerreros (warriors) beat Veracruz 8-4, and the cheerleaders were scantily clad.  What could be a better way to spend 3 hours?



~ Blonde Gator

3 Responses to “Why I Miss Mexico (and Why I Must Live There Someday)”

  1. avatar Unsane says:

    Baseball games also feature cheerleaders in Korea. I caught one Korean baseball game and found the differences between their games and those in the United States quite fascinating. For one thing, while the crowds in the United States generally are quiet unless some major action takes place, the Koreans will start yelling and screaming the instant the batter walks up to the plate.

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