Laugh Out Loud Funny

We got an e-mail from B’ster’s pal John, who is a rough and tumble kind of guy (he of the Cheerleaders in Baseball post I stole from him a while back and posted here)….so I am once again stealing his line(s) and photo and posting them here.

The photo is a warning to you….Never EVER say the following sentence to your 5 year old granddaughter:  “Sure!  You can be my personal stylist for the evening.  Go for it.”  THIS could be what happens!

I Have No Idea How to Caption This Photo

Tell me you didn’t laugh!

~ Blonde Gator

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  1. avatar Ron says:

    I thought I was the only one who let their kids do that to me. I walked around for two weeks with pink toe-nails ’cause I was told we ran out of polish remover.

    I got no caption either.

    Came form NB looking form that gaffe blog and found this.

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