Can Someone Please Explain “No Double Dip”?

Well, this kind of proves that old pesky law of unintended consequences.  The Federal Government, in all of its infinite wisdom, blew 800 BILLION DOLLARS, in the hope of mitigating high unemployment rates during the recent recession depression.

                        PERCENT UNEMPLOYMENT

I took my numbers from this post on NewsBusters, and put them into an Excel spreadsheet, estimating that the Unemployment Rate will remain as it is for the rest of this year, and then created a graph that even a liberal could understand.

How’s that STIMULUS working out for you, President Downgrade?  And tell me again, why should we beg the Feds, “Please, Sir, May I have another?”.

Since I’m into picture stories today….here’s the liberal Keynesian Think Tank that dreams up such brilliant economic policy (h/t Bob Keyser):

~ Blonde Gator


4 Responses to “Can Someone Please Explain “No Double Dip”?”

  1. avatar BKeyser says:

    The reason they’re asking for more stimulus is because the progressive idea mill has been decaying for years. I believe it was shut down due to environmental concerns. Leaking toxic waste, or something…

  2. avatar Motormouth KOS says:

    But, but…

    If there is no stimulus, how will President Downgrade buy all the votes he needs in 2012? Keep up the good work, sister!

  3. avatar Hermano says:

    I am not sure if the problem is that Liberals actually can’t understand simple or they don’t care to understand. Either way, we need to pray for these misguided folks. My favorite verse for Obama is Psalm 109:8. 🙂