Greetings from North Carolina

We’ve been enjoying the most fabulous hospitality and PERFECT Chamber of Commerce weather here in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  40’s at night, upper 70’s during the day, and not a cloud in the sky.  I took these today around the homestead.

Back of the Cabin

Fall is Falling

Different Leaves

Blue Skies, No Clouds

We’re all ready for the Gator game tomorrow, the chili is made, Blonde Mom is here (we picked her up this a.m. from her visit with her brother), and the Gator gear is ready.

Road tripping on home Sunday morning, hope to avoid this tropical mess that’s currently brewing in South Florida.

~ Blonde Gator

2 Responses to “Greetings from North Carolina”

  1. avatar Florida Girl says:

    I LOVE Black Mountain!!!! We have so much in common Blonde Gator. I bet it was really cool in the mornings. There are some great little gift shops us there. Hope you had fun!!!

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Thanks, FG.

      I had to read your comment twice, as my hostess is “Island Girl”…and at first I thought “what is she talking about, nice mornings, she knows!!!”.

      It was a blast (although the bloody game wasn’t much fun, alas). Black Mountain was wonderful….and such a nice break from the Florida humid blanket….will fall never get here?

      Glad you are reading here, I missed all of the MOLs…but I’ll be back!