The Obama Plan for Job Creation

Here are the Wishes, Where are the Unicorns? ~ h/t Bob Keyser

My good friend, and photoshopper extraordinaire, Bob Keyser, shared this link with me.  It seems Team Obama’s “idea bank” for grandiose themes has gone bankrupt, just like everything else President Downgrade has touched.

Soooo…..if you are sick and tired of spying on your friends and neighbors, and reporting them to Obama’s AttackWatch, you can channel your energies elsewhere.  Specifically, to Obama’s plea for assistance in designing a poster to support The Won’s Job Plan *cough* (Stimulus/Democrat Slush Fund V.3.0).

You’d think for your winning artistic endeavor, you might be rewarded with a trip, accompanying Moochelle to, oh say, Africa, Hawaii, or at the very least, Martha’s Vineyard, or even get to tag along on Date Night.  But NOOOO!  For your effort, you and two other fortunate individuals will receive a copy of your very own artwork, John Hancocked by Barack Hussein Obama himself!!!  Then, of course, they will shill your work, for profit, to support The Won’s reelection bid.

How’s THAT for a jobs plan?   You work for free, he gets the stash.  It’s all about redistribution of the wealth, of course.  From you, to The Won.

~ Blonde Gator

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