Girls Day Out

Mom & I went to the Fort Lauderdale Orchid Society’s annual show at the War Memorial Auditorium yesterday.  It was beautiful.

We came home with three new orchids, two compact catts (one of which is in bud, so no pictures yet), and a beautiful species, Rhyncostylis gigantea.   A couple of quick shots of them this morning, not yet taken out of their shipping materials….yet!  Much work to do on the patio today.

LC Gold Digger ~ I've Wanted One of These for 15 Years

Rhyncostylis gigantea ~ Smells Like a Citrus Grape

I’ll post a picture of our third purchase when it opens in the next week or two.  Enjoy!

~ Blonde Gator

One Response to “Girls Day Out”

  1. avatar Islandgirl (S&S) says:

    That Gold Digger is stunning…such a vibrant yellow and I can’t wait to smell the other one. you know how I like flowers that smell…lol Great purchases!