Tomatoes, Anyone?

These are actually Shanon’s, mine are about a week behind hers.

Black Cherries & SunGolds (both orange and red!!!)

I found a hornworm the other day, and wondered how they found my tomato plants.  Ewww.   The one I found had been “parasitized” as described in the link.  Double Ewww!  Shanon said she’d seen a moth on her plants, well now we know!

I also planted San Marzanos, Romas, & Better Boys, as well as a jalepeno pepper and a couple of tomatillo plants (from store bought tomatillos, this is an experiment, but I read they grow like weeds, so we shall see) in the “salsa box”, a 4′ x 4′ raised bed the guys made for me….I didn’t get that planted until early January, but everything is speeding right along.

B’ster bought me a food mill, so once the crop gets totally out of control, I’ll mill and make sauce, vacuum pack and freeze, so I can enjoy that fresh tomato flavor all summer long (in Florida, our growing season is fall through late spring).

Bon Appetit!

~ Blonde Gator

2 Responses to “Tomatoes, Anyone?”

  1. avatar creeper says:

    Thanks for posting this, BG. I’d forgotten about the basket of grape tomatoes in my refrig. They won’t be half as good as these but still better than the styrofoam versions that come four-to-a-package.

  2. avatar Islandgirl (S&S) says:

    Just looked at my plants and didn’t see any hornworms. I did prune off all the yellowing leaves , mostly at the bottom of the plants, and did notice tiny white specs on the leaves. Don’t know what that is. Only one leaf had been chewed on. Don’t want to spray at this stage of the game as I want to keep them organic….Thanks for sharing that link…it’s been years since I have grown tomatoes and I need all the info I can get!!!!