Rehearsed Spontaneity ~ Biggest Phoney Evah

Hmmm.  I ran across this very interesting piece on Ulsterman’s White House Insider.  It seems that The Won’s little “Al Green moment” at a fundraiser a few weeks ago wasn’t the spontaneous act of the hippest, coolest dude on the planet.   Rather, it was a pre-planned, heavily voice-coached, practiced-for-weeks routine, which was choreographed down to the overly exuberant crowd reaction, and pre-placed “fans” in the blogosphere to ensure the video went viral, down the the omnipresent use of the word “cool” in blog comments.

Go read the article, which dishes dirt on the whole thing, including the stage make-up and dye job.  Then watch the video.

I know “some say” Ulsterman’s White House Insider is a figment of his imagination.  But watch that video and tell me it’s not true, because you can’t do it!  Obama may be a consummate liar, but he’s a very, very bad actor (oh how I wish you could hear “very, very bad actor” in my head, with a distinct Bawney Fwank wisp).  Now watch that video a second time.  The tell is there, before his little stunt, and his self-satisfied grin, and “come on” gesture with his hand (“ain’t I the coolest?”) is proof positive.

Coolest man on the planet?  Hardly.  Biggest phoney evah!

~ Blonde Gator

Oh, BTW, I’ve decided this little uber-faux bit of “cool” will be included in my Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes and Goofs….currently numbering 109, and counting.

3 Responses to “Rehearsed Spontaneity ~ Biggest Phoney Evah”

  1. avatar creeper says:

    One note was all I could stand. Sorry, BG. I just can’t watch it.

    But I have no doubt you’re right…it was carefully rehearsed. That it was also disgusting goes without saying.

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Well, creeper, employ the old “mute mode” trick (like we did w/Moo’s plastic surgery proof videos). Just watch the “tells”. It’s sickening!

  2. This is in the same category as the self satisfied smirk his wife has when she is dancing all over the place. These people are so in love with themselves as to be sickening. Contrast that with the frowny, petulant looks on their daughters faces most of the time. Then listen as Michelle blathers on and on about her daughters’ needs coming first as she jet sets around the country. Those girls seldom look as if they feel very self confident. I cannot recall any other famous children who look as unhappy as those two do. Even Whitney Houston’s daughter is usually smiling in photos of her with her destructive parents.