I’ve Been Ripped Off!!!!

By a vulgar blogger, to boot!  Some JerkOff in North Saint Paul Minnesota (go figure!).

He copied my (now infamous) Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes & Goofs, and posted it as his own work, copying my entire post, word for word and link for link, without a link to my blog, nor a citation to me as an author, but left a track back on #115 (as numbered now, that may change as I add gaffes to the alphabetical list) “Waves Like Alfred E. Neuman”.

Sooooo….I wandered on over to this person’s blog and left a comment that I didn’t mind him using it, however I expected a link at the top of his entry to “Blonde Gator”.  After all, that is what bloggers do.  My Gaffe List has been picked up by many bloggers, including quite a few conservative aggregators, as well as Weasel Zippers and Neal Boortz, all with the appropriate link.  It’s all about the traffic, of course.  Even though I don’t have any ads, nor do I plan to, my hit count is what floats my boat.

Well, JerkOff got pissed.  He never let my comment out of his moderation queue, but he did take down his post, and using my links, kind of rewrote it using quotes from my linked citations.  Did he plagiarize that as well?  Dunno, if anyone cares to take the time to do some research, let me know in the comments.  JerkOff may well be that stupid!

h/t the Wrathful Brunette

So, I enlisted some help from my friends, to leave a couple of comments on this JerkOff’s “work”.

And when I checked his blog this a.m., look what I found!  Not only a thief, but a thief and a vulgar liar, to boot.  Someone so jealous that instead of merely doing the right thing (removing his plagiaristic post or linking mine)….he went postal and left this lovely little diatribe and threat (apologies from me for the vulgarity):

This is not the BLONDE BITCHES LIST ASSHOLE…It is a list of Random QUOTES…Do you think this BITCH is the only person who compiled a list of them? STOP SPAMMING MY BLOG YOU STUPID ASS HOLE, I will just DELETE. Then I will report your IP address for spamming. So FUCK off. Nobody gives a shit about some stupid cunt who travels around the world and acts like a CRYBABY, whining, irrelevant and spoiled Martha Stewart wannabe. I am keeping track of all your IP addresses and posting them for the world see (or use). GET OVER YOURSELF, you’re not that important.

Well, well, well.  Isn’t that special?  But I’m betting I have a lot more traffic than he does, and obviously my winning “Martha Stewart wannabe” personality is much more likeable than his.  Oh yeah, I also have his IP address, so what.  Although his blog says he belongs to some association of bloggers, who I am sure would be interested to see him ripping off another blogger.

I have to laugh, though.  I have been using my Gaffe List as my tagline on Newsbusters for almost a year….yet old JerkOff thinks my list isn’t well known.  LOL, as I was doing some more research on who had picked up my blog (with cite) last night, I found a link to The List in a comment.  To which another person replied….”yeah, Blonde Gator’s on my bookmarks, I read it pretty frequently, have you seen the orchids she grows?”.  And that, my friends, really floated my boat, as these were two S/N’s I’d never seen before.

So….we’ll see if the JerkOff deigns to comment over here, big brave (micro-dicked) man that he is.

The saga will be updated as warranted.

~ Blonde Gator

[Edit 1]:  The coward has closed the comments on his blog.

[Edit 2]:  Now I’m pissed.  Micro-Dick’s continuing to “add” to the list, using my links.  I’m going to rake through every single one that he puts up.  Notice he keeps changing the name of his post, to try to deflect.  It was first named “Obamas [sic] Gaff [sic] List – Can You Think Find [sic] Any More” after he took down my ripped-off version.   Micro-Dick is not a brilliant author, nor very well educated, is he folks?  More to follow.

[Edit 3]:  Now Micro-Dick is up to 72 “Gaffs”…..does the idiot not understand the difference between a Gaffe and a Gaff?

9 Aftco Gaffs
















[Edit 4]:  The moron is now Tweeting “his” blog.  He goes by “@feedmybulldog”.  FeedmyIdiotEgo is more like it.

[Edit 5]:  Now he’s taken the vulgar comment down!  However, my pal at NewsBusters, Restless1, cached his vulgar page including the comment, and sent it to me.  Hee hee.  He apparently has hidden all of my gaffes in amongst his non-gaffs, so that his list is longer than mine.  I, however, know the difference between a gaffe and a gaff, as well as a gaffe and stupidity.  That’s what an education and living outside of mommy’s basement will do for a person. 

[Edit 6]:  Jerk-Off is apparently keeping tabs on me, because he has now updated his pathetically titled blog and corrected the spelling of GAFFE!  I do so hope the little man is getting a good education here.  He should have merely complied with my very polite original request and linked my work, but NOOOOO!  Note in R1’s cached version ([Edit 5]) he’s still using “gaffs”, whereas after reading MY blog, yet again….he finally buys a clue and spells it correctly.  ROTFL.  Idiot.

[Edit 7]:  He’s still plagiarizing.  Check out his #112, lifted straight out of Wiki (see the footnote?) without a cite.  Also, he’s trying to hide his use of my links by using a tiny.url.   It’s now Thursday at noon, let’s see how long it takes for him to “update” his errors, as he attends the Blonde Gator School.  Oh, he’s also blocked “us” from “his” Twitter thread, where he tries to shag his pathetic blog.  ROTFL.  BTW, JerkOff, I have cached your pages.  Resistance is futile….just admit you ripped me off (and others) without attribution and be done with it.

24 Responses to “I’ve Been Ripped Off!!!!”

  1. avatar Radical1979 says:

    I notice in his profanity filled rant the plagiarizer couldn’t specify where he got his idea for the list, or where the items came from. On the other hand, our lovely Blonde Gator can give the history of when she started compiling her list, and where she found the gaffe’s etc.

  2. avatar ImNoDhimmi says:

    I was planning to post a nasty comment on the jerkoff’s site, but since he has closed comments, I just want to let you know I support you.

  3. avatar Anne theriot says:

    Thousands of sources for Obama Gaffes are on the internet to pretend he never heard of Blonde. Then he refers to her as %$#&( Martha Stewart wannabe? That means he has indeed been to your blog blonde. And how he has published my IP address, not that I understand what that means, but his profanity will not get him many more fans than say…..2.

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Thanks, Caj. Big Man doesn’t realize I have his IP addy, too. As I said, so what? What’s he going to do, report me to Obama’s Attack Watch site?

      Our Micro-Dicked Plagiarist is a first-class idiot.

      • avatar Brunette says:

        I think that publishing that info was supposed to make everyone magically go *poof*. “Nice little IP addy you got there, shame if anything were to *cough* happen to it…”

        Tremble in fear, then switch off your router for a few minutes so that when you turn it back on again the IP is different, then tremble in fear some more. Or something like that.

        • avatar General Company says:

          Mine does it automatically, uhg!

          What a creep this dude is. Bet he dont thank his Mama for doing his laundry either.

  4. avatar Dave says:


    I’ll fix his ass.


  5. avatar Islandgirl (S&S) says:

    Are you kidding me…his language alone speaks volumes of his character! I have enjoyed Blonde’s website. Not only the travels, but also the food. I have learned so much from her and have suggested her website to others because it is just that GOOD. I do know her personally and we “martha stewart” wannabes have had great times in the kitchen exploring recipes, tweaking them to make them are own and fulfilling a passion of cooking. So I say to this “asshole” get a life!!!!!

  6. avatar upcountrywater says:

    As if the ikook will do the right thing…my twit to him..

    @feedmybulldog “Responsibility”,for what you have cut N’ pasted. That is your extent of your Critical thinking.Try APOLOGIZING,shallow man.

  7. avatar BEGRUNT says:

    What a complete ASS!!! Just saw this this morning!!

  8. avatar Scuba Dude says:

    I responded to one of the many tweets and basically called him a coward and a loser. It looks like he has blocked any and all comments on his “blog” unless you register (which I will not do for now). I bet the coward will eventually block everyone on Twitter that calls him out. I say we just keep up the barrage of tweets and comments (for those that can) on this POS scum plagarist.

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Workin’ on it Scoobs…..I shared w/my Gator board pal…as you can see, one of them just weighed in on Twitter.

      This guy is such a loser. Warner Todd Huston sent a note to the “blogger association” this guy belongs to…as he’s a pretty big Kahuna in the Midwest, maybe that will get some action.

      You all have been great pals! Appreciate it.

  9. avatar MOTUS says:

    Everybody who’s anybody, knows the Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes and Goofs is totally yous, BG!

    Only a real needle dick would steal someone’s work, and, because everybody knows that it’s yours, he’s a brainless needle dick!

    What a douche!

  10. avatar dyardley says:

    Hi J, just wanted to let you know I support you and love both your blog and the OBG list. Spent one whole day with you on your trip and loved every minute of it. Keep up the great work. Dorothy

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Thank you so much, Dorothy.
      You made my day, week, and month! Glad you enjoyed our trip.

  11. avatar Scott says:

    Get over yourself. If you are a professional writer than complain. You claim high intelligence yet I’m sure if you went to college you Palagirized some of your paper’s. If you want proper credit for what you write than don’t hide behind a PHONEY screen name. I wrote this, and used my real name. See how easy it is?

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Why don’t you get over yourself? You plagiarized (note the spelling there, idiot?) my blog, lifted it out of whole cloth and posted the entire thing on your blog, using every one of my words, and my links. When I called you on it, you took it down, left some vicious and inappropriate comments, and then proceeded to re-write MY list.

      So here you are whining about using your “real name” Scott. Golly, that is informative. Scott. Or is your name “Admin”?

      It doesn’t matter whether I write professionally or not (you don’t know that, do you?). I have been picked up by much better sites than yours, including Publius Forum, Weasel Zippers, Neal Boortz, and numerous conservative aggregators, and have been credited every single time, Mr. Plagiarizer. All the internet knows who the plagiarist is, Scott, oh right, that would be you. Good luck with that.

      P.S. You’re welcome for the helpful hints, like how to spell “Gaffe” and pointing out your direct plagiarism of the Wiki link in #112. ‘Tis to laugh that you think you’re some sort of professional writer, the errors in the third sentence of your sorry little comment alone mark you as an uneducated, rank amateur.

      You won’t approve my comment on your blog, will you coward?

      Bugger off, now. And please, go steal your ideas from someone else from now on.

  12. avatar DontFeedTheTrolls says:

    Hey Blonde, watch! Scott’s gonna get ya!
    Keep it real, see ya over at NB!

  13. avatar DontFeedTheTrolls says:

    Hey Blonde, watch out! Scott’s gonna get ya!
    Keep it real, see ya over at NB!

  14. avatar ScubaSmurf says:

    J .. take great pride in being “ripped-off”. For years I’ve placed my lawn clippings, yard debris, waste cardboard and newspapers and things of that nature in plastic bags down on the curb the night before pickup and NEVER EVER has anyone “ripped” them off. They are always there the next morning … however each and every time I’ve made the error of not securely putting away things like hedge clippers or the grandkid’s bicycles they are ALWAYS invariably GONE. The only conclusion I can draw from this is THEIVES DONT RIP OFF GARBAGE !!

    As to the subsequent behavior of this piece of human debris I can only remind him of those warning signs posted all over the deep south ..



    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Welcome, Smurf!

      Thanks for the kind words….and most of all for the Gator Warning, LOL.

  15. avatar ScubaSmurf says:

    EDIT !! EDIT !! EDIT !! *** T H I E V E S ***

    O K Now I’m having flashbacks of Sister Mary James and her evil wicked wooden ruler chanting ….

    I before E **SMACK**
    Except after C **SMACK**
    And when sounded like A **SMACK**
    as in neighbor and weigh **SMACK**

    with a subsequent note to parents saying “needs improvement in penmanship”


    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      LOL…you snuck that comment in when I wasn’t looking, Smurf.

      Well played! LOLOLOL.