A Quick Time Out

Two weeks ago, the Iguana Man & I snuck out of town for a few days….and headed down to the fabulous Florida Keys, where we stayed at the very adequate La Siesta Resort in Islamorada.  On the whole, I’d give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.  The views were beautiful, the facility, while old, was fresh and tidy (the marina rocked, wish I’d known about this place when I had a boat), the staff was just fine, but for the money (hint:  $18 Daily Resort Fee), they SHOULD have provided coffee filters, dish soap & a kitchen sponge, a working telephone, and a nicer “complimentary breakfast” than stale grocery donuts.

I can’t complain about the view, however (Atlantic side):

The View from our Patio ~ #106

The grounds were all meticulously manicured, and the staff “chained” the sand every day.  There was an odd little black bird who was nesting in the sawed off palm trunk on the right side of the hammock (obviously recent hurricane damage), we had a great time watching her antics.

The pool is quite spectacular…and huge!  A perfect pool for families…it’s a large “Figure 8″, divided by a volleyball net, and has a basketball net at the far (deep) left end.  The right end is shallow, a huge walk-in (shallowest water is about 6”) expanse of water, suitable for waders of many varieties.

Shallow End of the Pool....our Cottage is Behind the Blue Umbrella

Beautiful Pool ~ Our Cottage is Behind the Blue Umbrella

Late Afternoon Waders (taken through the fence behind our cottage!)

We basically just hung out, caught some rays, read some books…and occasionally ventured out for a meal.  We drove down to Marathon to the Cracked Conch Cafe, which has been there for 30+ years.  I had the conch sampler (must have their conch fingers, best ever)….and we also got two orders of take-out red conch chowder to bring home for Blonde Mom.  Highly recommend (although it is not in the least bit fancy if you’re interested in “Le Dining”).

Conch Fingers & Conch Fritters ~ Delicious (Island Girl’s Pics)

Alas, it was raining cats and dogs the morning of our last day, so we pulled up stakes early and headed north.  We were hoping for one final morning like this one:

Early Morning View of the Atlantic

We’ll be sure to return soon…..some days one just needs to kick back and watch the water to recharge the old batteries.

~ Blonde Gator

3 Responses to “A Quick Time Out”

  1. avatar PatAZ says:

    That brought back many childhood memories for me, from living from Homestead to several places all the way up to Ft. Lauderdale. How I loved driving down into the Keys. Just seeing the beautiful water made it worth while. It sounds like you have a nice getaway.

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Ah Pat…..you lived in my stomping grounds! I’ve only visited AZ a few times, but maybe one of these days.

      I hadn’t been to the Keys in about three years…I’m always SHOCKED at how much it’s grown. Some things are still there, but many other old landmarks are gone. And on this last trip, closed (due to O’s economy, no doubt). Very sad.

  2. avatar Dave says:


    Great pics, and the Conch Fingers & Conch Fritters look positively delectable. 🙂

    And I’ll trade fancy for great chow anytime.