In the Spirit of Christmas

Today I took Blonde Mom to NuTurf, my local nursery, to purchase an orchid for a Christmas gift.  She quickly found her purchase, and we chatted briefly with the fellow who checked us out about how wonderful it was that the nursery was closing early on Christmas Eve, and staying closed through New Years, so that their employees could spend time with their families.  We talked about what a wonderful thing the employer did, giving them the gift of time with their families during the Holidays.  Then we concluded our transaction.  On the way out, Mom said to me “let me buy you one of those poinsettias”.   So I selected a beautiful pink one, and we walked back to the counter.

Jackson, the man at the counter, looked at us and smiled sadly.  He said “normally I don’t tell people this, but my mother, she is in a coma in the Bahamas, and has been since before Mother’s Day.  So I haven’t had my mother for Mother’s Day, and not for Thanksgiving, and I won’t for Christmas either.”  He looked at Blonde Mom and said “So you can be my mother this year, and as a gift to you I give you this plant.”  Then he looked at me, “you are so lucky to have your mother”.  (Amen!)  The three of us stood there with tears in our eyes.  A most amazing moment which brings home what the true spirit of Christmas is all about.


On our way home, Mom and I were talking and laughing as I made a joke about something goofy she said….we “get” each other to the point that sometimes we crack ourselves up to absolute silliness.  Which is where we were as we stopped at a big intersection.  A young guy in a truck next to us saw us laughing and smiled and waved.  We waved back.  He then picked up something off the seat next to him, and raised it to to his window to show us.  It was a beautiful carved wooden sign, about 18 x 24 inches, that said “Laugh, Live, Love”.

Thumbs up!!  So then he put his finger up like “wait one” and grabbed another sign, about the same size, that was also beautifully carved.  It had martini glasses and whatnot indicating it was a PARTY sign.  Two thumbs up!!!  We both laughed and waved as the light turned green.  (Did I mention that it is hot today, and we both had our air on, so this whole scenario was done via sign language?).

All of this occurred in a span of about ten minutes.   Ten minutes I’ll remember forever.  Something to think about.  You can find the true spirit of Christmas in the most amazing places.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

~ Blonde Gator


6 Responses to “In the Spirit of Christmas”

  1. avatar Adrienne says:

    Lovely story, BG. Thank you so much for sharing. I lost my mom when I was 36 (I’ll be 67 on New Year’s Eve) and I miss her every single day. She was my bestest friend!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family…

  2. avatar cajun2 says:

    Great story. Glad to hear blonde mom is laughing again.

    To your great family

    Joyeux Noel mon bon amies

  3. avatar Islandgirl (S&S) says:

    Wonderful story!

  4. avatar DrSam says:

    Hey J!

    A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Long time no talk.

  5. avatar Delsa Winslow Amundson says:

    Is your mom still playing tennis??? I am still in the real estate business such as it is in Florida. Always love seeing Blonde….
    You will see me as Winslow or Delsa Winslow
    Miss our News Buster days.