It’s Called Fishing and Not Catching For a Reason :)

I managed to screw up my blog on this from yesterday, so I blasted it…shall attempt to recreate it today.

We left Puerto Escondido about 6:45 in a panga, a local flat bottomed fishing boat, powered by an outboard.  Here’s the harbor and the fleet of local boats:

Puerto Escondido Harbor

We headed east, passing the mouth of a river, where the surf was up….way up.  The wiki link says Puerto Escondido is one of THE surfing hotspots, and looking around, I can believe it.  While it is gentle in the harbor, and out on the deep briney, there are spots where the surf is huge.

River Mouth, East of Puerto Escondido

The town is only a few miles along the coast, once it’s over, it’s over….miles upon miles of desolate beaches, with an occasional uber mansion right on the beach (not such a great idea, this is apparently prime hurricane and tsunami real estate).

Beach & Mountains, East of Puerto Escondido

We hit the hot spot for baitfish…I caught 16 out of 20!  We were laughing so hard, I’d haul one in and not even complete my drop back before I’d holler “I’m on” and start reeling like mad.  The skipjack tuna (or oceanic bonito) is a prized billfish bait all over the world.  On the big boats, they have “tuna tubes”, fat pvc pipes about 2′ long, through which water is forced.  When catching a bonito, it’s dropped head first into a tube until needed for live bait, where it’s sewn a harness and allowed to swim behind the boat waiting for a big marlin.  In the case of sailfishing, which we were doing, the bonito belly, soft and white, is shaped into a bait that swims like a fish.  It’s an art to make a sailfish bait out of bonito belly.

Oceanic Bonito

We didn’t see a single billfish, alas…tis why they call it fishing, not catching.  But we did see a turtle and a whole bunch of dolphin, jumping for joy as they are wont to do.  It always makes my day.  I was kind of hoping to find some yellowfin tuna co-mingled with the dolphin, but that didn’t happen either.  We came in around noon, having had alot of fun for not very much money at all.

Puerto Escondido from Offshore

Near Approach to Puerto Escondido Harbor

When we returned to the beach, the boat was met by the captain’s wife, who was pleased at our catch, she promptly took them to her restaurant.  Bonito is a staple here.  While having a beer, our host informed us that a local lady would be delivering chicken tamales later that afternoon, did we want any?  Hello!  I love tamales.  So, later yesterday afternoon, 8 delicioso tamales were delivered to our room.  Note to packing list…paper plates & plastic tableware are neccesito.  The perfect end to a lovely day.

Today we’re working hard on the art of goofing off….a swim may be on the agenda.  Quien Sabe?

~ Blonde Gator

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