Cops’ Sense of Humor

Well, about noon today, on this very chilly Sunday, we were snuggled in, enjoying ourselves.  And all of a sudden, we heard a cacophony from outside….and then….bagpipes!  Playing “The Minstrel Boy”.  Which, of course, we knew was a funeral dirge.

We looked out the front door, and what to our wondering eyes did appear?  Eight men in kilts, playing bagpipes, and drums, marching down the street.  They stopped in front of our neighbor’s home, Mike, the retired NYC cop.  I feared the worst.

Mikes Procession

They played another song, with many neighbors emerging from their homes to watch.  Then they turned and marched back up the street.  I heard them tell my neighbor John “his 65th birthday”….as they were discussing which bar to visit for lunch and a few little cold boat drinks.

Bag Pipes

As I said, a strange sense of humor!!!  But it was an amazing sight, and sound, for a cold Sunday.

All’s well that ends well.  Happy Birthday, Mike!

~ Blonde Gator

2 Responses to “Cops’ Sense of Humor”

  1. avatar Bob Nelson says:

    I loved that story. Perhaps I’m the only one who likes the sound of bagpipes. I hope all is well now with the ‘gator’ family.

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Thanks for commenting, Bob. So happy you continue to stop by.

      It was the most AMAZING thing….totally out of the blue. One of those little life memories that keep us enchanted with the daily stuff.

      ~ BG