Greetings from Chiapas

We’ve reached our last state in Mexico, Chiapas.   Yesterday was the beginning of the Easter Holiday week, and apparently almost everyone has reached their destinations.  The roads were very empty, and much to our delight, we found ourselves on GREAT roads yesterday, where we had expected them to be difficult.  We were on autopistas and then a 4 lane divided freeway.  Life is good.

We navigated south and east away from Puerto Escondido, along the Pacific coast….although the road is somewhat inland.  We winded our way through the mountain valleys, desert one minute, lush, tropical valleys the next.  Once we left Oaxaca, Chiapas became more cattle country…although we passed miles and miles and miles of mango farms.  I have to think of the Mango king, oh how he’d have loved yesterday’s trip.  Tiny yellow mangos, big purple and green ones, and medium sized red ones.

Since it’s the Easter Weekend, we decided to try a little coastal village to see if there were any interesting rooms available, unfortunately, not….so we’re just off the main road in Mapastepec, about 2 hours from the border.  We met some Californians on the road yesterday, who had left Tamarindo CR (about 20 minutes north of our destination).  They’d done some exploring, and we have some great tips.  Oddly, after 3 years in CR, they’re planning to move to Antigua, Guatemala.  With young kids, they weren’t happy with the beach/school environment for their children, plus they had friends/family in Antigua.  Oh, and my across the street neighbor, Louis, will be visiting Costa Rica next month sometime, Blonde Mom is trying to get the details, but I think he’ll be close enough for us to visit him, too!  It truly is a small world.

I didn’t take very many pictures yesterday, but I was flabbergasted as we were driving, literally out in the middle of nowhere, and came upon a wind farm!  There must have been at least 200 windmills, at least half of which weren’t turning.  This is your future, stoopid warmers!

Windfarm ~ SNAFU ~ they should all be facing the same way & turning

This was apparently the Eurus Wind Farm, largest in Latin America, and cost $550M.

I’m having a hard time envisioning that on the beaches in Florida.

Eurus Wind Farm

Okay, we are soon to be off, headed to Antigua, Guatemala.  I’m told it’s pronounced An-Ti-Gwa, unlike the Carribean island of Antigua, which is pronounced On-Tee-Ga (which I was told repeatedly when I visited that lovely little place back in the early 80’s).  We’ve met a few people on this trip who raved about Antigua, supposedly killer leather goods, so I’m signing off.  The sooner we eat, the sooner we get on the road, the sooner I shop!

~ Blonde Gator

5 Responses to “Greetings from Chiapas”

  1. avatar Unsane says:

    Easter is not for another week. 🙂

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Yo, Uns….Easter is a whole week deal down here. The big “procession” starts Thursday. It’s a much bigger deal in Latin America than it is in the states. Everyone has the week off, more or less (I now know how to say this in Spanish).

  2. avatar Rick says:

    You missed it. RINO Crist and Marco were on Fox News Sunday. Marco cleaned his clock IMO. You might be able to go to Fox News and get the video. Enjoy yourselves.

  3. avatar Dave says:

    LOL – That FUBAR wind farm looks to have been designed by a company owned by Al Gore.


  4. avatar b says:

    wind farms??? there are thousands of those things on the way to Palm Springs. And now the enviros want them shut off because they kill birds.
    i’m still jealous since i’m off to work tomorrow