Iguana Azul

Our home away from home is the Iguana Azul, located in Junquilal (Hoon-kee-yall) on the upper Nicoya peninsula.  The Iguana is managed by Roberto, who often is joined by his family, including his son who is the same age as the Iguana Man’s grandson, Mason (2+).    At the front desk is our friend, Jeffrey Rodriguez, who can do just about anything.  If you have a question, or need to arrange something (horseback riding, fishing trips, a manicure, whatever), Jeffrey is THE go-to guy.  

When you enter the Iguana, chances are you’ll be greeted by Bisquito, the owner’s ginger cocker spaniel, the Iguana Azul’s Goodwill Ambassador.  Bisquito hangs out, greets everyone first thing in the morning, and loves nothing more than escorting everyone for walks on the beach.  The Iguana is located on a small cliff, overlooking a volcanic beach, where at low tide one can explore the tidal pools.  The entire resort is centered on the ocean views…our favorite activity is watching the daily sunset (see sunset photo page)…we even saw whales one evening while waiting for the sun to go down.  And the Iguana Azul is aptly named, iguana watching is a snap, from the little baby green ones to the grande males (one of whom lives behind a big pot in front of the bar).   The bar at the Iguana is somewhat of a local watering hole, and we met lots of great people there. 

Bar at the Iguana Azul. The grande iguana lives in a hole behind the middle potted palm

The View from the Bar

Path to the Beach

Volcanic Beach ~ High Tide

A Dip at Sunset

Blonde Mom Gets Busy

It's a Dogs Life Sometimes

The neighborhood dogs show up for cocktail hour regularly.  Tough life, huh?

One of Ovidio's Charter Boats

Guest Cottage ~ Our Temporary Home

Bryce & Mandy

Female Iguana Eating Yellow Flowers

2 Responses to “Iguana Azul”

  1. avatar Todd McDaniel says:

    Was there about 15 years ago. Loved it. A great place to base a surf trip from. Great surf spots N and S.

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Do you miss it as much as we do?

      LOL, perfect entertainment every day as the sun goes down. We live about two blocks from the Atlantic, alas, I can’t tell you the last time I saw the sun come up.

      Thanks for stopping by, Todd.

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