Blonde Gator

I’m just another middle aged blogger.  I was recently rather rudely severed from a successful career, and have joined the ranks of the “no longer looking”.  Instead I’m seeking  fun and adventure.  Which, in the short term, is a road trip to Costa Rica. 

What else?  I’m a hard core conservative, and a political junkie.  The other thing I’m a fiend about is Florida Gator Football.  I read alot, raise orchids, ride horses, and love the great outdoors, particularly the ocean and fishing. 

Did I mention I’m a native Floridian?  I’ve always maintained I’d never live anwhere north of where I always have, a fair sized town called Pompano Beach, just north of Fort Lauderdale.  Costa Rica is the next logical step, particularly in light of the impending doom of a european style nanny state.

My mom lives with us, she drives a white convertible mustang, which is something she’s always wanted to do.  So when I moved her in, I said “Do It!” and she did.  A great philosophy…do what makes you happy.  Life is short, enjoy every minute.

~ Blonde Gator

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