Latest Edit April 5, 2010.

The Real Time Map map of our trip to Costa Rica.  Return trip will change due to our plans to take a different route.  We drove fairly hard the last three-four days due to running out of time to meet our deadline for our rental in Costa Rica.

We made a number of trip changes throughout the journey.

Quick update (subject to change and deletion):

Mexico has the best roads, followed by Guatamala.  Honduras roads are good in most parts of the country, but overall, one can easily see that Honduras does not have the capital investment as does Mexico.

Nicaragua was a real pain, at both borders.  There were about 3,000 people on the Nicaraguan side trying to enter Costa Rica on buses and I found an ‘expiditer’ that cut through the tape and got us out of Nicaragua in about 2 hours.  Costa Rica was a breeze.

So, here we are.

Our final destination is really Playa Junquillal at a small hotel called (what else) the Iguanazul.  It doesn’t show up as a ‘place’ on the map, so I picked a town nearby that did.

Anyway, the map is up to date.

I’ll update the link below as needed.

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  1. avatar Will says:

    Checking out the map, Hey Blonde if you guys don’t mind driving just a little further more east you can bop old Hugo Chavez on the noggin and tell him to knock it off and quit playing to fool! Appreciated. 🙂

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