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Cattleya Pliaedes...a close relative of the national orchid of CR, c. skinneri

I thought I’d provide you with some quick and easy references.

The best site on the Internet for information about Costa Rica.  

Since we’ve decided to explore moving to Costa Rica, on our first trip to Costa Rica, we hired Tim for a ramped up two day tour.  We learned more in that two days than we could have in a year.  Including the very interesting fact that 60% of people who move to Costa Rica turn around and head home.   Tim’s site has a wealth of information.  I give it TEN STARS.  If you’re even considering moving to Costa Rica, Tim’s your go-to guy.  And if you’re just planning to visit, his site is must-see interwebs.

 More information on driving in Costa Rica.

The best place to stay close to San Jose International.  We met the owner, Gary, on our first trip.  We were in the northern part of Costa Rica, at the Arenal Volcano (staying here)…and met Gary and his family there.  Gary is an ex-pat from Michigan.  His is a boutique hotel, the Orchideas Inn, about 20 minutes from the San Jose airport (take a cab….the rental car agency will deliver a car to you there, at no fee).  The Orchideas is situated on ten acres, and is home to the “world famous Marilyn Monroe” bar.  Highly recommend the ceviche….well, and everything else on the menu.  The walls and ceilings are covered in MM memorabilia….and of course, Marilyn herself is there….Marilyn being a very friendly, rather elderly Heinz 57.  If you stay there, the best room in the house is the Pool Suite.  If you’re not careful going out the side door, you’ll end up in the pool….and hot tub is a short, private walk out the back door, in a beautiful garden setting.  Did I mention the private patio out front?  Do not miss the Pool Suite at the Orchideas Inn.  Trust me.

If your destination in Costa Rica is on the northern Pacific Coast (Guanacaste)….and you need info, help with lodging, or get into a pickle and need advice/help….our friend Dominic D’Arcy lives close to Tamarindo and can do anything!  (Including renting you a cell phone, which if you are driving is a must).  Dominic might even rent you his dog, if you’re very, very nice.  Even if you don’t need a thing, you should take the time to meet Dominic…he’s one of a kind special.  You can contact Dominic at Go For It Services

Tico Times, the English language paper of Costa Rica.

I’ll update this page as I find interesting stuff.

That orchid (above) is one of mine…I’ve had it since 1984.  It blooms every year at Thanksgiving, with many sprays of multiple blooms.  It’s one of the things I’m concerned about when I move to Costa Rica for good…what to do with my old friend?

~ Blonde Gator

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