Mexico ~ Outbound

Mexico is truly incredible….we had absolutely zero problems getting into the country…I think the media’s hysterics over the “violence” is somewhat a ploy.  If you stay in relatively safe corredors, and don’t go drinking in Juarez at midnight, it’s all good.

What follows is our photo safari of Mexico….shall update daily (or at least try to).  I may repeat some pages on the front page of the blog, but as “pages” are more permanent than blogs, try to not be annoyed.

Neuvo Laredo, border crossing town, roads are fine!

Nuevo Leon Vistas....gorgeous

Our Guardian Angels ~ Monterrey

Hasta La Vista, Baby! Monterrey

On our second day, we visited Tampico

Plaza des Armas, Tampico

Plaza des Armas, Tampico

Tampico Cathedral....Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Libertad, Tampico

Hotel Posada del Rey, Plaza de Libertad, Tampico

More Buildings, Plaza de Libertad, Tampico

Typical Sidewalk ~ Tampico

Plaza de Libertad, Tampico

Sculpture on a Pedestrian Avenue, Tampico

Shop Window, Tampico ~ I Should Have Shopped!

Sculpture on Plaza de Armas, Tampico

Closeup of Sculpture ~ Reminds me of my Grandfather

Flower Shop on a Side Street, Tampico

Leaving Tampico, on the way to The Bridge

Bird's Eye View of Tampico

State of the Art Suspension Bridge, Tampico

After leaving Tampico, we drove down the coastal road toward Vera Cruz.  A beautiful stretch, it reminded us alot of Atlantic Costa Rica….pineapple and banana plantations, cattle farms, and gorgeous scenery.  Windy.

Estuary in Nauta, Carribean Coast, Mexico

Pink Tabebuia Tree, Vera Cruz

After we left the east coast, we headed inland, and landed in the great little town of Tehuacan. 

Accomodations at the Tecuahan Taj ~ $40 a night

Detail of the Headboard at the Taj

Fountain at the Taj

Dining at the Taj

After a yummy breakfast of eggs and bistec Tampico (flank steak cooked in chilis)….we regretfully left the Taj and hit the road…as you can see, the Autopista (toll road) to Oaxaca is as good of a road as you’ll find in the states….even though it’s only one lane, there is enough room to let people pass, and everyone is well aware of the courtesies of the road.

Autopista to Oaxaca....nice road!

Arid Desert

Yellow flowering desert tree

Even with the Clouds, about 8,300 feet. I was freaked.

Out of the Mountains into Red Clay Country

Ecosystem changed...I was fascinated by the "Southwest" Colors

1952 Gull Wing Mercedes 300SL. Carrera Panamerican Veteran

See "Blonde Mom" blog entry....we're guessing a $1.5M vehicle

Blooming Jacaranda on the way into Oaxaca. They were everywhere.

Oaxaca Centro....Kill a Commie (the sign said blah, blah, blah, proletaria....late click, but you get the drift.

Downtown Oaxaca....Street Scene

Street Artist, Oaxaca

Monte Alban, one of the oldest cities in the Americas, located outside of Oaxaca. 

Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Temple, Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Door Lintel, Monte Alban, Oaxaca

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