bc MaiKai

bc MaiKai

bc MaiKai

bc MaiKai

Slc Wendy Valentine x Ctna Why Not

c bactia “Waxy Grape”

KGWA “Lava Flow”

Psychopsis Papilio

c aurantiaca x c milleri ~ LC “rojo”

Cattleyatonia “Jamaica Red”

C. Aurantiaca

Brassia…an awarded plant

SLC Tutenkahmen “Pop”

Blonde Mom’s “Polka Dot” (actually nameless)

C. Pleiades, Thanksgiving 2010

C. Pleiades…an offspring of c. skinneri

Rhyncolaelia Digbyana

White Dendrobium

C. Hawaiian Wedding

Cattelyatonia Jamaica Red


Cattleya ~ Unknown (Lost Tag)

c. Mossiae


Cattleya Seedling

Orchid Joy


Beautiful ~ And Smells Great, Too

Paph. Hilo Jewel #4 x Paph fairrieanum ‘Green Horn’

Unnamed Vanda (obviously a coerulea cross of some sort)

Close Up of the Vanda

C. Gold Digger ~ I’ve Wanted One of These for 15 Years

Rhyncostylis gigantea ~ Smells Like a Citrus Grape

Haw Yuan Beauty ‘Hong’ AM/AOS

Blc. Krull's Lemonade "Sunshine"

Blc. Krull’s Lemonade “Sunshine”

Cattleytonia "Why Not"

Cattleytonia “Why Not”

Look at the Face on that Flower!

Look at the Face on that Flower!  Close-Up of Psychopsis papilio….my friend Captain Joe calls it the “Samurai Orchid”.  And he is correct!



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  1. avatar creeper says:

    Gawgeous, Blondie. Just beautiful.

  2. avatar ImNoDhimmi says:

    One word: WOW!

  3. avatar Bob Nelson says:

    We went to an orchid show in Ocala, when we lived in Florida during the 90s. LOL Lanter

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