Iguana Azul, Junquilal

Igana Azul, Junquilal

Awesome Sky, Iguana Azul, Junquilal

Just Wow. Iguana Azul, Junquilal

It sounds as pretty as it looks. Iguana Azul, Junquilal

Sunset ~ Dry Season, Junquillal

Potrero, Costa Rica

Smoke on the Water (lower right), Potrero

Pacific Heights (Potrero), Costa Rica

Island Sunset, Potrero, Costa Rica

3 Responses to “Sky/Sunsets”

  1. avatar Marie Ryan says:

    Wow, LOVE the top and bottom ones. But I definitely need a pronunciation guide..

    • avatar Blonde Gator says:

      Thanks, Bru. Please feel free to copy and use as you’d like.

      Pronunciation is hard. It took me a week to learn to say “Junquilal”. Hoon-kee-yawl. “Alejuela” is Alla-way-ya. I’ll try to include that moving forward, thanks for the great suggestion. “Playa” is Ply-yuh…it is the word for beach. Marbella is Mar-bay-yah, means beautiful sea. If I’ve missed any you are curious about, drop me a note….and thanks for stopping by!

  2. avatar BKeyser says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Color me green 🙂

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