Do You Miss Him Yet?

May 16th, 2015

I do.

~ Blonde Gator

Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

May 16th, 2015

My little garden genie has been such a help (“Did you buy any more much, Grama?”) that I bought him a carnivorous pitcher plant a couple of weeks ago.  It’s been growing like a weed (somehow, I always thought they were hard go grow!).  I have it in total shade, but in a bright location on the patio.  I move it out from under cover when it rains, as chemicals of any sort are a buzz kill for the carnivorous plants (a Venus Flytrap is on our list to find).

Mason checks it diligently, and carefully waters it (and partially fills any empty pitchers) with distilled water if it’s dried out.  Yesterday, we discovered a stealthy little baby pitcher, growing in the soil under the plant, instead of hanging off a branch at the end of a long leaf.

Baby Pitcher ~ about 1 1/2" tall

Baby Pitcher ~ about 1″ tall

We also spent a little bit of time learning about the difference between a picture and a pitcher.  And then I had to take a picture of the pitcher.  So that everyone can see Mason’s happy pitcher plant.  Enjoy!

~ Blonde Gator

Foreign Policy

May 14th, 2015

Enough of this “Leading from Behind” Nonsense….

~ Blonde Gator

Happy Mother’s Day

May 11th, 2015

Blonde Mom has been having big adventures forever.  Once when she was 7 years old, she and her BFF walked 10 miles(!) to her friend’s family getaway home…Stoney Lonesome (where she learned to play tennis, one of her lifelong passions).



Another life-long passion….hot cars!

Mom & Her First Baby

Mom & Her First Baby

Great Clothes….

She's Been Swiping My Stuff ~ Since Forever

She’s Been Swiping My Stuff ~ Since Forever


Mom's Two Perfect Children

Mom’s Two Perfect Children

Four-legged companions…

Mom & Her 4-Legged Child Dani

Mom & Her 4-Legged Child Dani

Spending quality time with us….

College Break Get-Together

College Break Get-Together

Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday

Beach Babe

Beach Babe

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  I love you.

~ Blonde Gator

On The Patio, Still (yet and always!)

April 26th, 2015

Even though I’m feeling kind of blah (kid germs or spring, take your pick), I decided to take the new camera for a whirl, and update some of the stuff that’s been going on on my patio.  Fortunately, you’ll be spared the destruction of the tomato plants, which got attacked, AGAIN, by the stupid hornworms (after serious efforts on my part to eradicate them).   Someone please remind me next fall that I DON’T even like tomatoes that much, they’re a nuisance (although rewarding in their rapid growth)….and not worth the effort.

I ordered some amazing and exotic new varieties of chile peppers, though, from since I’ve had such spectacular success with my poblano (and mini-Thai) peppers.  They arrived in beautiful shape last Thursday, and I’ve spent a couple of days carefully acclimating them from their greenhouse environment to the wilds of hot, humid, and windy South Florida environment (today it’s 95 degrees, humid, harsh wind, and a 102 degree heat index).  They seem to be very happy.  Today they got about 6 hours of filtered sun.  Another few days of hardening them off, and they’ll hit their permanent homes (big pots and earth boxes).

Baby Chiles ~ Nom Nom in Six Months!

Baby Chiles ~ Nom Nom in Six Months!

I ordered Anaheim’s (or Hatch, Big Jim’s); Chuihuacles Negro & Rojos (for mole); a Caribbean Habanero; Thai Red, and a couple of Ichiban Eggplants.  Aren’t they beautiful?

I’ve also been working on doing some repotting of the orchids.  I got kind of a cool green pot for my cool green Paphiopedilum….it’s rather happy.

Repotted Paphiopedilum

Repotted Paphiopedilum

I also purchased a new little Vanilla orchid (it’s a vine), and it too, is thriving in its new home.

Baby Vanilla Orchid Vine

Baby Vanilla Orchid Vine

Now, a couple of oldies, but goodies….



Psychopsis papilio

And finally, something new (for me).  At Christmas, I bought 3 pots of geraniums for some “color” (I know, I like pink Christmas stuff….whatevs!).  I have poured the Osmocote on like mad, and watered them faithfully, as well as dead-heading the spent flower blooms.  They have more than doubled in size, are blooming splendiforously, and are absolutely spectacular, for that extra “pop” of color when the orchids aren’t doing much (and they mostly don’t do very much, except demand attention).

Colorful Enjoyment

Colorful, Constant Enjoyment

I can’t say enough about this new camera!  I’m slowly learning what the buttons and settings mean, but these pictures were taken on basic PPD mode (point & push dummy!).  I am super excited to think about what fun we’ll have (and I’ll be able to document) over the summer, as we have all kinds of fun outings and “cultural” stuff planned for the young man and the old grands, including the Miami Zoo, Discovery Museum, Planetarium/Aquarium, Miami SeaQuarium, Lion Country Safari, and Cub Scout Day at the new Marlins stadium.  The camera even takes HD movies!

That’s it for now.

~ Blonde Gator


Another Blonde Joke

April 25th, 2015

A blonde gets a job as a physical education teacher for 16 year olds. She notices a boy at the end of the field standing alone, while all the other kids are running around having fun kicking a ball. She takes pity on him and decides to speak to him.

‘You ok?’ she says.


‘You can go and play with the other kids you know’ she says.

‘It’s best I stay here.’

‘Why’s that sweetie?’ says the blonde.

The boy looks at her incredulously and says,  ‘Because I’m the goalie!’

~ Blonde Gator w/thanks to Torchy!

Waiting for Deliverance

April 15th, 2015

Or perhaps, deliveries.  (Uber chile pepper shipment is arriving next week).

But first…..

Marco Rubio...Day 1 from the Freedom Tower

Marco Rubio…Day 1 from the Freedom Tower

It is time for new leadership, and a new Standard Bearer!  A younger leader.    And a leader who loves this country the way she deserves to be loved.  A leader who can inspire, the way Ronald Reagan could inspire.

I’m ready.  Are you?

~ Blonde Gator

Handy Reference Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Gaffes & Goofs

April 15th, 2015

Well, the old Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes & Goofs list is still making the occasional appearance on the intertubes.  The last time I saw it, it was linked by Tom Blumer, most excellent business blogger, at his BizzyBlog.  Tom is also a Contributing Editor at NewsBusters.

I expressed trepidation (particularly at rehashing Hillz’s “old” gaffes), but Tom convinced me that it must be done…all of it!  And, inasmuch as there’s no time like the present, a mere three days after Her Heinous’s positively historic campaign roll-out (V.4.0), it’s time to get off the dime.  But I digress.  After a bit of discussion, I’ve decided to concentrate on the “Most Historic Campaign for the First Female (insert your own adjectives here) Preezy, Evah”…with a supplemental section for Broomstick One’s Classical Gas Gaffes.

As I said, there’s no time like the present, and after only three days into the most historic campaign, evah, the Gaffes/Goofs are already   ♫Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin, on the Rivah♫   (okay, I’ll stop w/the music videos) but you must admit, music, and Rum, make the insanity a little easier to take.

OH JACKPOT!  We’re not even into Day 4 of the Most Historic Campaign for a Female Preezy, Evah….and we’ve already racked up Gaffe (or is this a lie?) #5!  (As the gaffes rack up, this gaffe’s position shall certainly change, just seek out “Lies About Grandparents” if you want to know which Lie/Gaffe is the Original #5).  It’s turning into a banner day….


  1. Always About The Chillun ~ Let’s Kick Them Out of the Park
  2. Astroturfs Her Own Intimate “Meet the Voters One-on-One” Event
  3. Avoids Press Questions by Talking to Herself
  4. Blew Off IT Security Training at State Department
  5. Brings Back the Twang for South Carolina Speech
  6. Brings Back the Twang for South Carolina ~ Redux
  7. Brings Back the Twang in Alabama ~ Part Trois
  8. Brings Back the Twang in Memphis ~ Part Quatre
  9. Brings Back the Twang in Iowa ~ Part Cinq
  10. Campaign Reboot #HOW MANY?
  11. Can you say “Misprision”?  I Knew You Could.  Misprision Defined
  12. Caught in ANOTHER lie 24 Hours Before the Iowa Primary
  13. Cites “Ideas from 5 Iowans I Just Met” (who were screened and pre-arranged for this “random” meeting)
  14. Condemns “Scourge of Sexual Assaults”, as THE Former Manager of Bimbo Eruptions.  What is a Bimbo Eruption, You Ask?
  15. Confiscates Cell Phones & Cameras of Iowa Voters during “Meet the Candidate Event
  16. Corrals the Press Corps
  17. Corrals the Press ~ The Prequel
  18. Creepy, Paranoid Rules for “Every Day Americans” to Meet Hillz ~ h/t Bijou
  19. Dead Wrong (Again) ~ h/t Par for the Course
  20. Defends Obama’s “ISIS is JV” Comment
  21. Flips on TPP ~ Was For it 45x Before She Was Against It
  22. “Former Presidents Won’t Have to Declare Their Criminal History at the Very Start of the Hiring Process”
  23. Fought 80 Years AGAINST Children & Families ~ h/t Tom Blumer
  24. Free Speech for Me, but NOT for Thee ~ Video Removed, But on YouTube (for now)
  25. Friend of the Criminal Class ~ “Stop Mass Incarcerations”
  26. Hillz the Hipster ~ Bombs on Social Media Posting
  27. Hillz the Hipster ~ Stays at 5* Hipstoric Hotel in Davenport, IA ~ h/t rotolab
  28. Hispandering ~ Oops!! Backfires!
  29. Huma: “She’s Often Confused”
  30. “It Should be Disqualifying, in Iowa of all States, to Avoid Answering Questions” h/t Cajun2
  31. Keep Those Scummy Reporters AWAY from ME!
  32. Lies About Benghazi E-mails (Easy 2 Minute Recap)
  33. Lies About Grandparents’ Immigration History
  34. Lies About Gun Death Statistics
  35. Locks Students in Classrooms on Her Iowa “Listening Tour”
  36. Lost in Translation
  37. Math is HARD!!!! ~ h/t Tom Blumer
  38. Meet the New {Sincere} Bitch, Same as the Old {Insincere} Bitch (from her very own book!)  Again
  39. Meet the New Bitch, Same as the Old Bitch…Part (um, A LOT!)
  40. Misleading Ad on Drug Prices ~ h/t Par
  41. Oops….Caught w/Pants on Fire Lying about E-mail Supoena
  42. Points to Snow in January as Proof of Climate Change ~ h/t Par
  43. Say WHAT? ~ Yoko Claims She had an Affair with Hillz ~ h/t Hugh
  44. Statistics and Lies
  45. Stiffs the Working Stiffs at Chipotle on the First Day of her Campaign
  46. Tells the Little People “Go to the End of the Line”
  47. The MOST Outrageous Lie
  48. Twelve Words You Sexists Can’t Use about Hillz, Dammit!
  49. Unlike the Rest of Us, Gets Taller With Age
  50. Very Fond of Potted Plants
  51. What Law?  Scooby Van Parked in a Handicap Spot
  52. What Law? ~ Part Deux  Scooby Van Speeds To Events w/o Lights or Sirens (in Inclement Weather)….Screw the Peons
  53. What Law? ~ Part Troix  Scooby Van Speeds Again ~ h/t succotash
  54. What Law? ~ Part Quatre ~ Scooby Van is STILL Speeding
  55. Who Are You Again?


  1. Ah Don’t Feeeel in No Ways Tahhred
  2. Dead Broke (Bonus:  Diane is Drunk, Again!)
  3. Dodged Snipper Fire in Bosnia
  4. Duchess of Vulgarity
  5. Favorite Excuse, Evah.  Ditto
  6. Favorite Excuse, Evah. Double Ditto
  7. Freakin’ Tech Wizard at Deleting Suspect E-Mails
  8. Inconvenient Truths & the Lies that Hide Them ~ h/t DeniseVB
  9. Lied About Chelsea’s Whereabouts on 9/11 ~ h/t MOTUS
  10. The REAL War on Women (and Children)
  11. Threw Mom Under the Bus for Hillz-Fabricated Edmund Hillary Lie
  12. Tried to Join the Marine Corps
  13. “We Must Empathize with Islamic Terrorists!”
  14. “We’re Going to Take Things Away From You on the Behalf of the Common Good”
  15. What Difference, at THIS Point, Does it Make?

Am I missing any Latest or Greatest Gaffes/Goofs?  No worries, it’s all good.

By all means, please lend me your help and support, by leaving your comment with a Hillary Gaffe/Goof.  And a round of applause for Tom Blumer, who merrily sent me on my way down this rabbit hole of insanity.

Hillary's Server

~ Blonde Gator



On the Patio, Again

April 6th, 2015

I was recently given a lovely plant, a Neofinetia falcata, by one of my orchid pals, Capt. Joe.  This is a beautiful miniature orchid, from Japan, which will bloom in a year or so, with sprays of spectacular white, sweetly fragrant flowers.  I “potted” it, in a giant tun shell, into which I’d drilled several drain holes.  Neo seems to be thriving in this new environment, in bright light (but no direct sunlight), where I water it every other day.

Neo. falcata

Neo. falcata

Now in bloom, is one of my very favorite “mini-cats”:

Beautiful Catleytonia

Beautiful Cattleytonia

When this little beauty shows her face, I know spring is here in full force.

I have a few more orchids pushing spikes, and then we’re on to the “hot, humid, and RAINY season”.  Where not much happens, bloom-wise, but where the orchids and other patio dwellers put on foliage and size, and thrive in our tropical paradise.

~Blonde Gator

Try Not to Laugh

March 19th, 2015

I’m not sure which one is my favorite, the truck shark, or the very last one.  Either way….enjoy!


~ Blonde Gator