A Happy Easter Was Had By All

April 22nd, 2014

My BFF & I, the Island Girl, decided to do up Easter by making several dozen sugar cookies, flooded with Royal Icing, as well as making up some fancy baskets for Mason & Blonde Mom.  Island Girl is an expert baker (I was the pan holder, and I learned a lot from her about the difference between baking and cooking….precision is the key!).

The Sunday before Easter, I gathered up my stuff, I’d gone on a preparation safari to JoAnn’s fabrics, where I purchased baskets, ribbon, some cool cookie cutters, egg dye, Bunny Pez, Peeps, a Transformer Egg, “straw”, etc., as well as the (recommended by Island Girl) Gel dyes for the icing and some other stuff at another store.  AND I found some really spectacular Easter Egg dye….instead of the usual same-old with cups, vinegar, water, and dipping….these had pastel metallic dyes in little ketchup-like packets, and baggies for each of the five colors.  So we sat on IG’s patio (whilst visiting the Tea Trolley), in between making batches of cookies, and dropped beautiful colors on our hard boiled eggs, (drying was a problem, as it was raining, a beautiful spring tropical misty rain, 100% humidity)…and then dropping them in another color.  We were super pleased with the results.  After a leisurely day of baking cookies, and just having fun, we had 40 big cookies.

Wonderful New Egg Dye ~ Love These!

Wonderful New Egg Dye ~ Love These!

We spent three more days, about 3 hours each time, decorating the cookies.  Island Girl had never done the “flooding” with the Royal Icing before…and of course, not being a baker, neither had I.  But before we started out, I did a fairly thorough search of internet pictures for ideas (we had a bunny and a big egg cookie cutter), and printed out some ideas.  And we also watched about 25 minutes of YouTube videos.  Let me tell you….it’s NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS.

Cookies in the Early Stages

Cookies in the Early Stages

On our last day, we finally got the correct techniques down (both the consistency of the icing….and the piping) and got pretty speedy at it.  We were very pleased with the results.  Here they are, all wrapped up (fortunately the expert baker, IG, had the appropriate “treat bags”, the only ones I could find were all decorated…what’s the point of that w/beautiful cookies?).  I took this at night, most of the “orange” is actually bright pink…alas color saturation was off.

Some of the Finished Cookies

Some of the Finished Cookies

And then, we put the whole shebang together.  Kudos to the Iguana Man (*cough* chocoholic *cough) for the wonderful treats.  Super happy with the results of the basket adventure.  Did I mention there are now 1 lb. solid Reese’s bunnies?  Who knew?

A Basket for a Reese's Fiend (1 lb. Chocolate Reese's Bunny)

A Basket for a Reese’s Fiend (1 lb. Chocolate Reese’s Bunny)


Blonde Mom's Easter Basket

Blonde Mom’s Easter Basket

A Huge Basket Any Six Year Old Would Love

A Huge Basket Any Six Year Old Would Love

Sugar highs all around.

~ Blonde Gator



In Bloom Now

March 9th, 2014

LC Rojo (C. Aurantiaca x L milleri):

c aurantiaca x c milleri ~ LC "rojo"

c aurantiaca x c milleri ~ LC “rojo”

And, one of its parents (not its actual parents, but one of its parents of the same breeding), the C. Aurantiaca:

C. Aurantiaca

C. Aurantiaca

I have been working on the patio to get everything ship shape.  It’s a slow thing.  Since Blonde Mom has been sick, the orchids have suffered.   Must get them back in shape.  And replant my herb garden.

All is well.

~ Blonde Gator


Merry Christmas 2013!

December 24th, 2013

Gator Christmas Tree

~ Blonde Gator

“It’s SOOOO Cheesy!”

September 24th, 2013

That was the response when I fed the kindergartener my homemade spinach & mushroom lasagna.  Not bad for a little kid, who generally prefers red sauce and is a super sausage fiend.  He was so sweet…”you’re a really good cooker”….and of course, the reply is “well, you’re a REALLY good eater!”.  (No kidding, he ate 3x an adult portion, LOL!!!!).

Spinach Lasagna done


I read a couple of different recipes (Emeril, Tyler, Food Network, AllRecipes), and did a combination, per the usual.  My final recipe is here.

Do give it a try, it is spectacular.  The roasting of the mushrooms, and really squeezing the moisture out of the spinach gives it a beautiful texture.  Plus, how can you beat spinach, baby bellos, and 4 cheeses?  Not even my Gators can do that!

~ Blonde Gator

Hello World

September 1st, 2013

My internet pal the Wrathful Brunette sent me a small cattleya seedling last year for my birthday, it was probably about two to three years old.  After hanging out on my patio for the last sixteen months, it is a now a “first bloom seedling”….and is she ever a beauty!

Blc. Krull's Lemonade "Sunshine"

Blc. Krull’s Lemonade “Sunshine”


~ Blonde Gator

Honorary Mr. 2 Bits

September 1st, 2013

Errict Rhett, Gator Great.

See the story of the Mr. 2 Bits Tradition, here.  It’s a fine one!

We got off to a reasonable start of the season, not bad, but no esophogheal spasms, either.  GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Blonde Gator

A New Season Begins

August 27th, 2013

I can’t wait!

Gator Sunset

With thanks to CDGator….

~ Blonde Gator

A Woman’s Right to Choose

June 12th, 2013

Woman's Right to Choose

















What else needs to be said?

~ Blonde Gator

A Reading Companion to the Obama Gaffe List

June 12th, 2013

And far, far longer than the original Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes and Goofs.

Lies told by Obama.  (h/t upcountrywater).  All linked and pretty, it even has pictures!

And just because I like things to be neat, tidy, and COMPLETE, here are another two sources of Obama’s lies, courtesy of Lambchopstix (stratmant):

Bet you can’t scroll all the way to the end.

~ Blonde Gator

[Edited to add additional links]

Try Not to Laugh

May 26th, 2013

I know Kevin Spacey is a great actor, but I had no idea he did such fabulous imitations.  Enjoy!

I’m not sure which one is my favorite.  Yours?

~ Blonde Gator